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New Pics Posted…..Moving Day, Surgery, Pittsburgh Food Expo, Penguins Game

Posted pics finally if you want to look at them:

Moving day for my daughter Stacey and her friend Denise

My Surgery (don’t worry, no gross ones!)

Pittsburgh Good Eats Food Expo

Penguins vs Maple Leafs game we went to

Just some stuff….

Well the bad news is the back pain I was having was NOT from my gallbladder after all.  I had been having back pain in my shoulder area for quite some time which I attributed to working on beaded banners, sitting on the couch all evening, watching TV, and concentrating on the banners and not stretching, etc.  But then when I was reading up about gallbladder problems I read in every article that most of the time there is back pain in that area from gallbladder problems.  I had never mentioned the pain to any of my doctors because I just assumed it was from my poor posture while beading.  I mentioned it to the surgeon at the appointment before my surgery and he said he was confident it WAS from my gallbladder and it would disappear.  Well it DID disappear for about 3 weeks after my surgery, but apparently only because I wasn’t working on banners!  LOL  I started working on banners last week and it appeared again.  Oh well.  That’s okay because the nausea is totally all gone and that was the extremely bothersome thing I experienced from gallbladder disease for over 2 years.  Now I just have to concentrate on my posture!


Okay so the leaves are falling everywhere and they are beautiful and the ground is covered with all these leaves, right?  And down the street from us in a yard that is not only filled with huge trees but that also borders the park we live in (we are the caretakers in a 160-acre municipal park for those of you who don’t know that), there was someone raking leaves.  Are they nuts?  Isn’t that useless this time of the year?  I mean won’t they all just blow away over the winter and the ones that don’t can be ground up using a mulching lawnmower in the spring?  Waste of time to me, but what do I know?


Anyone out there watch Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe?  We do……….and the shows seem to be getting grosser and grosser!  Last week there was one episode where he was helping out in a poop plant……….and they just kept showing poop and more poop and other “things” that people put down their toilets.  I was about gagging watching it and I couldn’t even smell what he was having to smell, although a few times I almost thought I could!  So then in another episode he was on a sheep farm learning how to shear sheep and then also how to do other things to them, such as cutting their tails off (I think that was a sign that they did the next thing to them!) and then castrating them and they ummmm………..used their teeth to do it!  Mike Rowe actually did it!  I really hope the guy gets paid REALLY good to do that show!  YIKES!


So while watching these shows lately, I am having trouble with gross things, even things like body parts and all the stuff that I used to love to watch and not bother me at all like autopsies (I have actually assisted at a few of those) and surgeries and bad accidents, etc.  Is it possible that the part that made it so those things didn’t bother me was in my gallbladder and now it’s gone and things gross me out?  I hope not!  LOL


So speaking of my gallbladder removal, I am eating just about everything again and am no longer following a low fat diet.  Not bad for only 4 weeks after my surgery, huh?  The doctor and a dietician friend said 5-6 weeks or even 3-4 months for my body to adjust.  I read horror stories online from people who had their gallbladders removed 10-15 years ago and still couldn’t eat a lot of stuff.  But nope, I am eating just about everything and occasionally things go through me within maybe an hour or two, but usually just once, not 3-4 times like the week after surgery.  Needless to say I am thrilled!


Sad Pittsburgh sports weekend.  Pittsburgh Steelers and Pittsburgh Penguins both lost and both had it within their reach.  Oh well.  Can’t win all the time. Oh………..we finally got a Direct TV HD DVR.  We have a DVR in our room with the regular TV but we record things and never watch them because all we want to do is watch our big screen HD TV anymore!  So since two of  the Penguins games this week are on late (10:00 is late when we have to get up early the next day for work) and knowing that if we record it on the other TV we won’t want to watch it because it won’t be in HD, we broke down and got the HD DVR.  There have been other shows we have wanted to record so this will be a really good thing to have. 


The Steelers posted an apology by Santonio Holmes for his behavior last week so maybe I was wrong and they AREN’T going to get rid of him after all.  Hmmmm…….


Let’s see, what else is going on?  Busy with selling on Ebay and needing to post more on Ebay and designing banners and such but I am going to put all that stuff in a separate post about Beaded Banners by Bonnie.


I guess that’s about it for now.  Catch ya later in my next blog!

Update on my life, my business, my kids, my missing gallbladder, etc…..

I haven’t blogged in a while so thought I should catch up!  Actually a lot has happened since I blogged yet….nothing exciting really……..but between trying to go back to work and trying to keep up with orders and still not feeling 100%, I didn’t have time to blog.  So here goes………..LOL!


Regarding my recovery from my 9/29 gallbladder removal, I am getting there.  In fact this afternoon I have my follow up with the surgeon.  Poor hubby has to take off work to take me because I have no clue how to get to Shadyside!  I’ve been there twice…..once to visit someone and the other time the morning my of my surgery when it was 5:30 a.m. and I wasn’t thinking about WHERE we were going but WHAT was going to be happening to me!  So yeah, poor hubby has to take off work early to take me.


I am anxious to hear what the doc has to say about my pain.  In the area where my gallbladder used to be still hurts some.  I really think it is because they had to cut so many adhesions away and it takes longer to heal inside than outside, but I want to hear that from the surgeon and not just assume that is the case.  Food-wise I am eating most things.  I still have to stay away from really fatty things or I have problems, but it has only been 3 weeks since my surgery and already “things” have adjusted and I am able to eat almost anything.  For that I am truly grateful!  I still want bacon and a greasy cheeseburger from McDonalds, but that might happen this week because we went to the Penguins game on Saturday night and because of that we won a free Big Mac because of one of the power play goals!  Just gotta make sure a bathroom is close by when I eat it, that’s all.  Okay, enough of that………TMI!  LOL  My energy level is still down, but the surgeon told me I would be tired for 4-5 weeks due to surgery and the general anesthesia.  I’m inpatient though and want to feel better NOW.  I worked 2 or 3 hours a day starting a week after my surgery and then 6 hours a day last week.  This week I am planning on a full 8 after today.  I would rather be part time because of all my orders and requests for pattern designs, but don’t think that will happen because I hear my boss doesn’t want me to do that, even though I don’t have much to do at work.


My business is going well.  I have been selling quite a bit on Ebay………not TONS, but consistent.  I am still selling quite a few beaded banner rods and end caps, but as far as I know there is only one other place beaders can purchase those.  I started posting pony beads online and they have been taking off so I am building up my stock and have many more to post.  I still need to post my own pattern designs on Ebay but I have had people that have been finding me through www.bannersbybonnie.com  and emailing me and ordering through me so that works for now.  I also posted some other non-craft things on Ebay (both new and used) and those have been selling.  I have boxes of stuff to post and more crafts and my mom’s crafts and my mother-in-law’s crafts and well I need time!  I so wish that first week after surgery when I was home 24/7 I had felt like being on the laptop 24/7 like I had planned!  Oh well, like they say, the best laid plans of mice and men………!!!!


So one of my favorite shows is Extreme Home Makeover.  I love it and have NEVER once watched it without getting teary eyed……….and I don’t cry very easily!  They are in town this week.  GO FIGURE!  If I had not just had surgery and had to miss so much work, trust me I would be there volunteering at least one shift!  I am hoping that we can drive by at least once, just to say I was there.  I am VERY tempted to take Friday afternoon off so I can yell “BUSDRIVER, MOVE THAT BUS” and watch the family when they come home!  But at least the news is keeping us updated regularly and that helps…………a little.


The election……….ARGH.  I hate it…………I hate all the commercials……….I hate all the signs everywhere littering the scenery.  And I have no clue who to vote for because, well no one is a very good candidate in my humble opinion.  I heard a good one on the radio the other day and if you are from Pittsburgh you will truly understand this.  They said forget the election………..just be a STEELERS FAN!  HAHAHAHA


Our kids……….let’s see.  My daughter Stacey and her friend Denise have settled in quite well here in the Pittsburgh area after moving here from Tennessee mid-September.  We haven’t been over since they got all settled, mainly because of my surgery.  Last time I was there things were starting to look good and from what Stacey says they are all settled in.  Stacey loves her job as a paralegal at Edgar Snyder’s office.  She says everyone is really nice and she and her boss get along good.  She takes the bus from right outside her apartment to about 4 blocks from her building.  When the weather gets bad she can drive a short distance to a park and ride and then take the T (subway/trolley thing) in and get off at the basement of her building.  We can’t email like we used to, but she generally text messages with me on the bus on the way to and from work so that is good.  Thank goodness for 21st century technology, huh?  LOL  Denise transferred to a Sears here in the area and is happy there.  She has a little drive to work but not too bad………I think they said 6 miles.  We don’t see them often because they are probably about 45 minutes away and across the river(s) but it’s nice to know they are close by.  Stacey has made a couple trips to Erie for geneology stuff and to help my Mom with cleaning and Denise has been working some long hours and weekends, so that’s one reason……..but again, my surgery has prevented seeing them, too.  We have some places we want to show them and things we want to do together and that will happen soon.  Denise isn’t liking the cold weather too much I don’t think since she spent a good portion of her life in the south, but at least Pittsburgh doesn’t get as much snow as Erie does!  I told her to not go by all the winter horror stories she has heard from Stacey because Pittsburgh is so much more mild in the winters than Erie was and that’s all that Stacey knows is Erie winters!  LOL


My son Craig and his wife Mary took their vacation in California to celebrate their first wedding anniversary.  I can’t believe it was a year ago today they got married!  CONGRATULATIONS CRAIG AND MARY!  I have heard a couple things about their trip but can’t wait to see pictures.  They were going to San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego and have visited the Walk of Fame and Beverly Hills as well as many other places.   I am so happy they were able to get away and see California and they are having a good time.


Doug’s son Travis is working at an insulation place and busy with his friends and his new (used but new to him) vehicle.  We don’t see him much, but he is happy so that’s all that matters!

After not doing much for a few weeks it was nice to get out Saturday.  We went to the Pittsburgh Good Eats Food Expo.  It was incredible!  We didn’t stay as long as we would have liked because I didn’t want to get too tired because of our plans that night, but talk about FOOD!  The admission price was $15 per person and we had $3 off coupons so we spent $12 to get in.  Not only did we have more samples of great food to eat while we were there, we took home lots of samples and tons of coupons!  If we had eaten ALL the samples offered while we were there, it would have been enough for two meals!  I was a little nervous eating some of the things because I hadn’t tried those items since my surgery, but I figured might as well and I really didn’t have too much trouble because of it.  Had to run to the bathroom once after we got home but that’s it.


We went home and rested for a few hours and then headed to Mellon Arena to watch the Pittsburgh Penguins BEAT the Toronto Maple Leafs!  It was awesome.  We spent a little more and parked right by the Arena so I wouldn’t have to walk as much.  We won the tickets on Ebay in the last few minutes of an auction Friday afternoon and the seats were tremendous and the best thing is we basically got both for about the price of one ticket!  I will be posting pictures in the next couple days hopefully.  (I am behind on posting pictures as well as behind on blogging!)  I was tired when it was over but I spent all day yesterday at home on the couch working on paperwork and organizing more for my business while watching the Pittsburgh Steelers BEAT the Cincinnati Bengals and other football games all day.


So I think all my paperwork is finally organized enough that I can keep posting away on Ebay and start updating my site. I  have a lot of banner patterns I need to design for customers and I think I may be feeling good enough that I can be creative again so need to start on that this week.  So the plans this week are designing and posting.  I have some beaded banner orders but the customers are out of town for a couple weeks so those can wait a little, except for one smaller one I need to get done.


Okay so this is what happens when I don’t blog for a while………..I have to write a book!  LOL  No one probably reads these anyway so what am I worried about?  HAHAHAHA


Have a good one.  I’m off to see the surgeon soon!

Gallbladder Surgery Update and Stuff

Just thought I would give another update from our house status post my Monday gallbladder surgery.
I still hurt.  No, it’s not near as much as what it was, but yeah it still hurts.  I quit taking the pain pills the other day but started taking them again yesterday and am doing lots better when I take them so I guess I will keep taking them for a while.  I am still really tired.  I took a bath Thursday night and I felt like I ran a marathon.  I tried to pack up a few Ebay orders Friday and all I had to do was move around the living room from couch to printer to boxes back to couch, etc., and again, I thought I ran a marathon.  I was so sore and tired when I got done that I couldn’t believe it.  I had planned to go to bowling with Doug last night as I usually do on Friday nights but that was totally out of the question.  I only sit and not bowl but if moving around our living room wiped me out then no way was I going to go do that.  So I was a bit discouraged because I thought I would be doing a lot better than I was by now but I have to keep reminding myself that I had major surgery on Monday and that he had to do a bit more inside than expected so since it has only actually been less than 5 days since my surgery I actually probably am doing pretty good……….considering. 
I have had no nausea…………so that is a GREAT thing………because after all that was the whole goal of this surgery to get rid of all the awful nausea I had been having.  Things finally started moving inside me yesterday and now I am having the dreaded diarrhea that was expected, but fortunately it is only once about an hour after I eat and I’m not running all day long like I feared.   I ate a southern chicken sandwich from McDonalds for lunch yesterdat and have had potato chips a few times and had a meatball sub for supper last night with NO problems.  I figure I ate meatloaf with no problems at the hospital and I ate spaghetti two nights for supper with no problems, so how much different is a meatball sub except for the cheese? 
So basically I am just trying to rest, get up and walk around occasionally, and hope that soon I am up and around.  Today Doug had to go to a couple stores so I decided to ride along.  I figure if I am going to go back to work next week I have to get moving a little bit plus my legs and arms and hips and everything were aching in the night and figure I am getting stiff from not moving.  So I went………just sat in the car when he went in the one store and then of course the grits I had decided to run through me so I had to go in to Walmart and use the facilities.  All I did was walk in, use the facilities, and then sit on the bench waiting for Doug, then back to the car.  By the time we got home I was so exhausted and hurt so bad!  I couldn’t believe it!  But again, I have to remind myself that I just had major surgery on Monday and it really has been just 5 days so be patient.  I can’t drive until Tuesday and my plans are to go in half days Tuesday through Friday, but again it will depend on how I am doing.  I know I will have to feel a lot better than I do today before I can go back for any length of time.  The doctor basically said once this week is past that I just have to use how I feel as a judge for what I can or can’t do. My follow up with the surgeon is on 10/20 and I am not allowed to lift anything or vacuum or do anything strenuous until then but after Monday I can do other things as I feel comfortable.
Poor Doug is really worn out.  His system got all messed up with last weekend getting up early for Ligonier Country Market on Saturday, then we were out late at the Comedy Show on Saturday night, then got up early Monday for surgery and then he stayed late at the hospital to watch the Steelers game with me.  Then he had to go back to work Wednesday and I guess work has been pretty rough along with having to cover everything here since I can’t do anything.  So he actually skipped bowling last night……..he figured as tired as he is he probably wouldn’t bowl good anyway.  We have bascially enjoyed just hanging out at home this weekend and relaxing and watching the Penguins win today and in Sweden and hopefully again tomorrow and the Steelers win Sunday night.  Unfortunately he will have to get up both days and open the gates for the parks since I can’t take my turn this weekend, but he will hopefully just come back home and crash after he does again tomorrow like he did today.
I had plans of spending all this time off catching up on designing banners and posting things on Ebay.  I figured I wouldn’t feel good enough to sit up and work on banners because of the incisions and the pain, but I thought I would at least feel like being on the laptop 24/7 and getting caught up on all the pattern designs that have been requested that I haven’t done and get more things posted on Ebay for myself, my Mom, and my mother-in-law.  But that hasn’t happened either.  I just don’t even feel like being on the computer.  Sure am thankful for HGTV though!  I have been watching that from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. every day!  I love the transformations they do in people’s homes!  Good thing we rent here because if we owned the house Doug would be in trouble because I would have all kinds of projects set up for us to do!  LOL
Oh……..the only other thing going on is that tonight is the culmination of Pittsburgh’s 250th Birthday Celebration with a huge fireworks display, unlike any ever seen before.  I had figured I would feel good enough to go to that but alas, that didn’t happen.  There are things going on all day downtown that we would definitely have attended if I hadn’t had surgery but obviously we didn’t go.  I tried hard to figure out how we could go and watch the fireworks like finding a place we can park and not have to walk and just watch them from the car.  But like Doug says, it is going to be NUTS down there and to get a place close enough to see the display we would have to go so early and then it would be too much for me.  So………..unless we could find a cheap hotel room to rent (yeah right, in downtown Pittsburgh? LOL) that we can watch it from, I guess we will be watching it after the fact when it is on TV at 11:30 tonight.  Oh well.  I scheduled the surgery so as not to mess with games and concerts and craft shows and stuff.  I couldn’t avoid everything.
Okay, so that’s the latest…………that’s what’s going on here for now.  Just chilling and trying to keep healing because it hasn’t really been that long and I just have to have more patience!  I have to just keep trying foods and see what happens.  Had grilled cheese and no problems.  Had sweet sausage sandwich with tomatoes and cheese and only a little problem.  So things are working and I am healing and maybe soon I will be up and around again.  Well gotta run…………fireworks will be on TV pretty soon…………at least can watch them on our 42-inch HDTV!

John Challis – What An Inspiration!

John Challis is an 18 year old that is facing death, but has become an inspiration to his school, his teammates, the Pittsburgh Pirates, Pittsburgh Penguins, Pittsburgh Steelers, and all of Pittsburgh!  I’m sure his story has now reached way beyond here by now.  I know EVERY single time I see him on TV or read about him I am moved, inspired, and brought to tears.  Last night as we watched the Pirates vs Yankees on TV we saw the story of John in the locker rooms of both teams inspiring the players and the managers and everyone he came in contact with.  We saw the umpires shaking his hand.  We saw him in the broadcast booth for quite some time talking to Steve Blass and Greg Brown and not a word came out of his mouth that you didn’t sit back and say WOW.  Below are two stories about him but before you read those, I want to share with you the words that I hear him say over and over that are probably the most inspiring words I have ever heard:

JOHN CHALLIS:  “I used to be afraid, but I’m not afraid of dying now, if that’s what you want to know,” he said. “Because life ain’t about how many breaths you take. It’s what you do with those breaths.”

Here are two articles about John.  The first one was written about the Pirates game last night and the other one was written earlier this year.  Both articles are full of wisdom from a young man who is teaching many of us a lot of things.  THANK YOU, JOHN.


Bucs inspired by 18-year-old with terminal cancer

PITTSBURGH — When the Pittsburgh Pirates arrived for their game Wednesday against the New York Yankees, they were greeted by an 18-year-old occupying the manager’s office and an inspirational message on their locker room bulletin board.

The Pirates didn’t even care that John Challis, a former high school athlete with terminal cancer, most wanted to meet Yankees star Derek Jeter, which he did during batting practice.

The Pirates gave Challis the run of the clubhouse. He sat in John Russell’s chair during the manager’s daily news conference, gave a motivational talk to the players, visited the Yankees clubhouse and watched batting practice.

Challis also tossed out the ceremonial first pitch – a day after Hall of Famer Bill Mazeroski did so – and took out the Pirates’ lineup card to home plate during the pregame umpires meeting.

It was a big day for a 5-foot-5, 93-pounder who learned two years ago this week he had cancer, which has since spread to his lungs, liver and pelvis, and is expected to take his life soon.

“Everybody else complains about it, I guess, but it’s not just me getting through this, it’s the people around me who have helped me get through certain things like days like this,” Challis said. “It’s a stepping stone I can look back on and say, ‘Well, I did it.’ Things like this help keep me going.”

Challis played high school football at Freedom Area High School in Beaver County before developing cancer, starting on the junior varsity offense and defense as a sophomore. He remained in high school after becoming sick and, after saying he wished he could play in one more game, Challis kicked off and played wide receiver for several plays against Hickory last season.

A former Pony League player, he also got his wish to bat in a high school baseball game. During an April 11 game against Aliquippa, he entered as a pinch-hitter and lined a single into right field in one of his two at-bats this spring.

Upon reaching first base – a difficult accomplishment given how hard it is for him to run – he found his first-base coach crying and the opposing Aliquippa players saluting him with applause. Some Aliquippa players wore Challis’ initials and his No. 11 on their caps the rest of the season.

“If we can have half the courage and faith John has, we’d all be better off,” Russell said. “It’s a great story and we’ve been following it and we couldn’t wait for John to get here. The courage he shows, the unselfishness that’s a part of his life, it’s a great message for all of us.”

Challis recently set up a foundation designed to help high school students with terminal illnesses. The Tampa Bay Rays have pledged to help by supplying game tickets and transportation.

Challis is surprised only because so many people are stunned at everything he’s done despite being so ill. He said days such as Wednesday badly tired him.

“I’m little surprised that people don’t understand how easy I think it is for a young person, especially myself, to see this major situation as a positive – I mean I don’t see it as a positive, but I’m not complaining about it,” Challis said. “I don’t know why people think it’s so hard.”

The Pittsburgh Penguins recognized Challis at one of their playoff games, where he met co-owner Mario Lemieux, Atlanta Braves pitcher John Smoltz and Steelers owner Dan Rooney.

Challis also went on a cruise after attending his senior prom and graduating from high school, with a snorkeling trip one of the highlights. Asked about the cruise, Challis laughed and said, “That’s a press conference in itself.”

And that motivational message he wrote on the Pirates’ bulletin board?

“Have fun,” he wrote, signing his name below his message. “It’s the reason we play ball.”

The Associated Press
Teen is running out of innings, but the game still isn’t over
A tale of courage
Sunday, May 04, 2008