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Beaded Banner Patterns & Supplies

Have you checked out the new updated Beaded Banners by Bonnie website?  If not, check it out now at www.bannersbybonnie.com .

Beaded Banners by Bonnie has a large variety of beaded banner patterns including holiday, animals, sports and many others.  All patterns are available to purchase as pdf files by email, hard copy patterns shipped to you, or complete kits with everything you will need to make a banner.  Check out all the beaded banner patterns and remember more are being added all the time:  http://www.beadedbannerpatterns.com/newpatternsmainpage.php .

Beaded banners are a very simple craft.  Beaded Banners by Bonnie provides free instructions to download on the site.  Check out the instructions and see how very easy it is to make beaded banners.  I recommend creating the banner directly over the pattern.  When you do it that way there is NO counting or following a graph.  When building a beaded banner on top of the pattern all you have to do is react to the next color of bead and weave it on.  Truly, this is a very simple craft for kids, adults, and seniors alike.

Check out the free beaded banner instructions here:  http://www.beadedbannerpatterns.com/beadedbannerinstructions.pdf

Beaded Banners by Bonnie also provides some free patterns for you to try.  No need to request the free patterns as they can be downloaded directly from the site here:  http://www.beadedbannerpatterns.com/freepatterns.php

Beaded Banners by Bonnie also sells supplies for making beaded banners.  Most importantly I sell the hard to find beaded banner rods and end caps (http://www.beadedbannerpatterns.com/Supplies.php ).  I also sell end caps separately for those of you that have your own rods but need the end caps for the ends of the rods.  Not sure if my end caps will fit on your rods?  No problem!  You can request sample end caps to try them out first.  Check out how to request your free beaded banner end caps here:  http://www.beadedbannerpatterns.com/freeendcaps.php .

Want to design your own patterns but don’t want to invest money into the software needed to do it?  No problem!  Beaded Banners by Bonnie has beaded banner graph paper that you can purchase to design your own banners.  The blank grid is available here:  http://www.beadedbannerpatterns.com/blankgrid.php .

Need pony beads for your beaded banners?  No problem!  Beaded Banners by Bonnie sells pony beads that I currently have in stock in my Ebay store (http://stores.ebay.com/Beaded-Banners-by-Bonnie-and-More?refid=store ).   Plans are to include a color chart on my website of all pony beads available and I will special order beads as you need them.  In the meantime, if you have beads that you need that aren’t in my Ebay store, just email me (fyremonksgal@msn.com) your pony bead needs and I will order what you need. 

Payment is simple on my website through Paypal.  I have used Paypal since its inception years ago and love it!  It makes paying online so simple and streamlined.  No entering my information a bazillion times!  Most orders are shipped within 24 hours during the week. 

If you don’t want to use Paypal or prefer to not order online, plans for the site include providing an order form to download and mail your order and payment to me.  In the meantime, please feel free to email me about ordering offline.

Check out all the changes on www.bannersbybonnie.com and come back often!  Thanks for looking and HAPPY BEADING!

Bonnie Matthews

Owner & Designer

Beaded Banners by Bonnie




New Free Beaded Banner Patterns and New Beaded Banners by Bonnie Website

I have posted some new FREE beaded banner patterns downloadable in a pdf format.  You can find the new patterns here:


I am also developing a new website for Beaded Banners by Bonnie.  It is still under construction but you are welcome to check out the progress at:


I have also made some changes to my existing site.  The slideshow with the beaded banner patterns I have designed have been broken down into smaller slideshows to make viewing easier.  The patterns with the higher pattern numbers are the more recent ones and are in the top slideshow.  You can view the slideshows and more items here:


Check out my beaded banner supplies including beaded banners rods and end caps, pony beads, beaded banner thread, beaded banner blank grid, and other items for sale in my Ebay store:


Stay tuned for new and exciting things from the new website.  Check back regularly for progress!

Bonnie Matthews

Beaded Banners by Bonnie


Customer Service Reflections

Customer service has been in the forefront of my mind lately, mainly because customers keep putting it there, so I thought I would share some thoughts. I know, you probably are thinking this is going to be a negative post but it’s not, it is very positive.

I am being told over and over again about how great my customer service is and people thank me all the time for “going out of my way” for them. Maybe it is because I am just a small business, one person operation type thing. Maybe it is because for years I worked in doctor’s offices and no matter how I felt, most of the time the patients felt worse and I knew that so I went out of my way to treat them nice. Maybe it is because I treat others like I would like to be treated. Maybe it is because I have had such rotten customer service from various businesses over the years. Maybe it is because I don’t know any better. Maybe it is because I am just trying to do what it is right. Maybe it is because all I am doing is helping someone else.

Or maybe it is all of the above?

Recently a gentleman emailed me and said he doesn’t like to pay online, he likes to send money orders. No problem I told him. I have several customers like that. He was surprised. The more we emailed I found out he was disabled and unable to get out much and he made beaded banners as gifts for people. Long story short, because he placed a fairly good sized pattern order, I cut him a little break on the patterns and postage. Then he placed a good size beaded banner rods and end caps order and I threw in a free spool of thread. He was again surprised. I told him I knew he was going to be a good customer and I knew he had troubles and what I was doing wasn’t much really, but just wanted to help him out a little. He emailed to me:

“Thank you. You have been so patient and I appreciate that you will go out of your way in what you do especially for people who are at a disadvantage of being disabled who can’t get out much.”

I really didn’t do that much but it meant a lot to him.

I recently had another customer who was from Canada. No matter what I tried doing, the shipping was so much compared to shipping within the U.S. She knew I made a couple trips to the Post Office trying to figure out the best way and then also checked about shipping UPS for her. I couldn’t see her having to pay so much for shipping and in the end I saved her a total of $2 on her order of rods and beads. She wrote:

“It’s been a pleasure…I look forward to doing more business with you. You are the first that has ever gone out of their way to find the cheapest rate for me and for that I am grateful…..Thanks again!”

Again, not much extra work from my end and nothing more than what I would want someone to do for me, but it meant a lot to her.

The best part with both of these people is that I have gained customers who will be ordering quite a bit more (they have both told me this) as well as email buddies (I email with both of them on a regular basis now).

These aren’t the only customers that have commented on my customer service nor are they the only ones that have become friends as well as customers. I have a gal in Massachusetts who found me on a craft site I first sold on and she and I have become good friends. She as well as a few other customers are disabled or senior citizens and their checks come once a month. I understand that and have worked with several of them concerning their orders and payments. Why not? I am going to be there some day and I hope businesses afford me the same courtesy.

I had another lady that found my website because she was unhappy with the service she was receiving from another site. After a couple orders from me for beads and patterns she wrote:

“About a year ago I sent a check to ***** to join the pattern club, I included a copy of the order from the site. I never heard from them and emailed to see if they received my check, I NEVER heard back from them. I emailed them 3 times, they never had the courtesy to write back. I was going to send another check if they would tear up the first one if they ever did receive it. That is very bad business ethics! I really appreciate your friendliness and excellent business know how!!”

Again, this customer and I email often now. All of these customers were anxious for updates regarding my recent surgery and I also inquire about their lives and how things are going. And from a business aspect, the great thing is that they keep ordering from me. These customers are just a few examples of many in the short time I have been in business and I guess that is why Beaded Banners by Bonnie keeps growing.

I just don’t understand why companies don’t want to give good customer service because it is obvious that just doing what is right with your customers comes back to you in many good ways.

I will end this with some of my recent Ebay feedback which shows again that providing good customer service whether it be answering questions, shipping promptly, good quality products, or going out of your way to help a customer is the best way to do business!


 Reduced: 99% of original size [ 641 x 786 ] – Click to view full image

Update on my life, my business, my kids, my missing gallbladder, etc…..

I haven’t blogged in a while so thought I should catch up!  Actually a lot has happened since I blogged yet….nothing exciting really……..but between trying to go back to work and trying to keep up with orders and still not feeling 100%, I didn’t have time to blog.  So here goes………..LOL!


Regarding my recovery from my 9/29 gallbladder removal, I am getting there.  In fact this afternoon I have my follow up with the surgeon.  Poor hubby has to take off work to take me because I have no clue how to get to Shadyside!  I’ve been there twice…..once to visit someone and the other time the morning my of my surgery when it was 5:30 a.m. and I wasn’t thinking about WHERE we were going but WHAT was going to be happening to me!  So yeah, poor hubby has to take off work early to take me.


I am anxious to hear what the doc has to say about my pain.  In the area where my gallbladder used to be still hurts some.  I really think it is because they had to cut so many adhesions away and it takes longer to heal inside than outside, but I want to hear that from the surgeon and not just assume that is the case.  Food-wise I am eating most things.  I still have to stay away from really fatty things or I have problems, but it has only been 3 weeks since my surgery and already “things” have adjusted and I am able to eat almost anything.  For that I am truly grateful!  I still want bacon and a greasy cheeseburger from McDonalds, but that might happen this week because we went to the Penguins game on Saturday night and because of that we won a free Big Mac because of one of the power play goals!  Just gotta make sure a bathroom is close by when I eat it, that’s all.  Okay, enough of that………TMI!  LOL  My energy level is still down, but the surgeon told me I would be tired for 4-5 weeks due to surgery and the general anesthesia.  I’m inpatient though and want to feel better NOW.  I worked 2 or 3 hours a day starting a week after my surgery and then 6 hours a day last week.  This week I am planning on a full 8 after today.  I would rather be part time because of all my orders and requests for pattern designs, but don’t think that will happen because I hear my boss doesn’t want me to do that, even though I don’t have much to do at work.


My business is going well.  I have been selling quite a bit on Ebay………not TONS, but consistent.  I am still selling quite a few beaded banner rods and end caps, but as far as I know there is only one other place beaders can purchase those.  I started posting pony beads online and they have been taking off so I am building up my stock and have many more to post.  I still need to post my own pattern designs on Ebay but I have had people that have been finding me through www.bannersbybonnie.com  and emailing me and ordering through me so that works for now.  I also posted some other non-craft things on Ebay (both new and used) and those have been selling.  I have boxes of stuff to post and more crafts and my mom’s crafts and my mother-in-law’s crafts and well I need time!  I so wish that first week after surgery when I was home 24/7 I had felt like being on the laptop 24/7 like I had planned!  Oh well, like they say, the best laid plans of mice and men………!!!!


So one of my favorite shows is Extreme Home Makeover.  I love it and have NEVER once watched it without getting teary eyed……….and I don’t cry very easily!  They are in town this week.  GO FIGURE!  If I had not just had surgery and had to miss so much work, trust me I would be there volunteering at least one shift!  I am hoping that we can drive by at least once, just to say I was there.  I am VERY tempted to take Friday afternoon off so I can yell “BUSDRIVER, MOVE THAT BUS” and watch the family when they come home!  But at least the news is keeping us updated regularly and that helps…………a little.


The election……….ARGH.  I hate it…………I hate all the commercials……….I hate all the signs everywhere littering the scenery.  And I have no clue who to vote for because, well no one is a very good candidate in my humble opinion.  I heard a good one on the radio the other day and if you are from Pittsburgh you will truly understand this.  They said forget the election………..just be a STEELERS FAN!  HAHAHAHA


Our kids……….let’s see.  My daughter Stacey and her friend Denise have settled in quite well here in the Pittsburgh area after moving here from Tennessee mid-September.  We haven’t been over since they got all settled, mainly because of my surgery.  Last time I was there things were starting to look good and from what Stacey says they are all settled in.  Stacey loves her job as a paralegal at Edgar Snyder’s office.  She says everyone is really nice and she and her boss get along good.  She takes the bus from right outside her apartment to about 4 blocks from her building.  When the weather gets bad she can drive a short distance to a park and ride and then take the T (subway/trolley thing) in and get off at the basement of her building.  We can’t email like we used to, but she generally text messages with me on the bus on the way to and from work so that is good.  Thank goodness for 21st century technology, huh?  LOL  Denise transferred to a Sears here in the area and is happy there.  She has a little drive to work but not too bad………I think they said 6 miles.  We don’t see them often because they are probably about 45 minutes away and across the river(s) but it’s nice to know they are close by.  Stacey has made a couple trips to Erie for geneology stuff and to help my Mom with cleaning and Denise has been working some long hours and weekends, so that’s one reason……..but again, my surgery has prevented seeing them, too.  We have some places we want to show them and things we want to do together and that will happen soon.  Denise isn’t liking the cold weather too much I don’t think since she spent a good portion of her life in the south, but at least Pittsburgh doesn’t get as much snow as Erie does!  I told her to not go by all the winter horror stories she has heard from Stacey because Pittsburgh is so much more mild in the winters than Erie was and that’s all that Stacey knows is Erie winters!  LOL


My son Craig and his wife Mary took their vacation in California to celebrate their first wedding anniversary.  I can’t believe it was a year ago today they got married!  CONGRATULATIONS CRAIG AND MARY!  I have heard a couple things about their trip but can’t wait to see pictures.  They were going to San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego and have visited the Walk of Fame and Beverly Hills as well as many other places.   I am so happy they were able to get away and see California and they are having a good time.


Doug’s son Travis is working at an insulation place and busy with his friends and his new (used but new to him) vehicle.  We don’t see him much, but he is happy so that’s all that matters!

After not doing much for a few weeks it was nice to get out Saturday.  We went to the Pittsburgh Good Eats Food Expo.  It was incredible!  We didn’t stay as long as we would have liked because I didn’t want to get too tired because of our plans that night, but talk about FOOD!  The admission price was $15 per person and we had $3 off coupons so we spent $12 to get in.  Not only did we have more samples of great food to eat while we were there, we took home lots of samples and tons of coupons!  If we had eaten ALL the samples offered while we were there, it would have been enough for two meals!  I was a little nervous eating some of the things because I hadn’t tried those items since my surgery, but I figured might as well and I really didn’t have too much trouble because of it.  Had to run to the bathroom once after we got home but that’s it.


We went home and rested for a few hours and then headed to Mellon Arena to watch the Pittsburgh Penguins BEAT the Toronto Maple Leafs!  It was awesome.  We spent a little more and parked right by the Arena so I wouldn’t have to walk as much.  We won the tickets on Ebay in the last few minutes of an auction Friday afternoon and the seats were tremendous and the best thing is we basically got both for about the price of one ticket!  I will be posting pictures in the next couple days hopefully.  (I am behind on posting pictures as well as behind on blogging!)  I was tired when it was over but I spent all day yesterday at home on the couch working on paperwork and organizing more for my business while watching the Pittsburgh Steelers BEAT the Cincinnati Bengals and other football games all day.


So I think all my paperwork is finally organized enough that I can keep posting away on Ebay and start updating my site. I  have a lot of banner patterns I need to design for customers and I think I may be feeling good enough that I can be creative again so need to start on that this week.  So the plans this week are designing and posting.  I have some beaded banner orders but the customers are out of town for a couple weeks so those can wait a little, except for one smaller one I need to get done.


Okay so this is what happens when I don’t blog for a while………..I have to write a book!  LOL  No one probably reads these anyway so what am I worried about?  HAHAHAHA


Have a good one.  I’m off to see the surgeon soon!

Newest Beaded Banner I Made

I had a request for a “masculine” banner that a guy wanted to purchase for his Dad. I had this pattern from a kit I had purchased:
Deer Pattern from Kit
(Please note: This is NOT a pattern I designed so please do not ask if it is for sale. I only sell patterns I have designed myself unless I have duplicates and I don’t have a duplicate of this pattern. The kit is available online if you look. Thanks)

So using that pattern, I changed a couple colors to make it look more hunting/camo colors and here is the completed banner:
Bonnie's Version of the Deer Banner

Hopefully he will like it but I will find out tonight when I deliver it.

Beaded Banner Supplies – One Stop Shopping

It’s been a little while since I posted anything about Beaded Banners by Bonnie so I thought I would take a moment today and do just that.


Not only does Beaded Banners by Bonnie sell completed beaded banners, I am now your one stop shop for beaded banner supplies to make your own beaded banners.


BEADED BANNER PATTERNS DESIGNED BY ME:  Any of the patterns I have designed are for sale.  I don’t have them posted on Ebay yet nor is my website set up so you can purchase from there (yet!).  However, if you go to my website www.bannersbybonnie.com and look at the first slideshow, all those banners/patterns are ones I have designed and are for sale.


The patterns range in price from $3 to $7 each plus shipping, however the majority of them are $4 plus shipping.  The price includes a color printed pattern which is full size so you can put the banner together on top of the pattern as well as a bead list with colors and quantity of beads needed per color.  I only charge exact shipping, not any extra handling charges.


Until I get the patterns posted on Ebay or have my site set up with a shopping cart, just email me the patterns you are interested in purchasing and your zip code and I will let you know the exact cost and shipping.  Once you decide exactly what you want to purchase I can invoice you through Paypal or you can send me a money order.


OTHER BEADED BANNER PATTERNS:  I have a few extra beaded banner patterns that I did not design that I plan to sell.  These are patterns from duplicate kits I have purchased or pattern assortments I have purchased and received duplicate patterns.  A word to the wise from someone who made the mistake, if a company offers a pattern assortment, for instance 10 patterns for $9.95, don’t order 3 sets because you will end up with 3 of each pattern!  Make sure you find out if you can get a different variety with each set you order.


In regards to these other patterns, please do not ask me to make a copy of a pattern and sell it to you.  If it isn’t my own design or if it isn’t an extra copy I have, I will not make copies of other people’s designs.  That is unethical and I won’t do it.  You are welcome to ask if I happen to have an EXTRA copy of a pattern to sell, but if I don’t I cannot in good conscience get a copy made for you.  Thanks for your understanding on this matter.


BEADED BANNER RODS & END CAPS:  I sell the very hard to find rods and end caps for making beaded banners.  The rods I sell are white vinyl coated metal.  They come approximately 13 inches long.  The minimum they will be is 13 inches but they may be up to 14 inches in length.  Each rod comes with a removable end cap on each end.  The caps are snug enough to not fall off but they are removable for putting through the beads of the beaded banner or for cutting the banner to a smaller size.


As I said, the beaded banner rods are approximately 13 inches longs.  They can be cut with bolt cutters, however if you have specific sizes that you want other than the 13 inch length, I would be happy to cut them for you.  Please notify me by email at fyremonksgal@msn.com as soon as you place your order because my usual turnaround time for shipping out orders is same day.  You can mix and match sizes with your order, such as an order of 20 rods and caps has 10 cut to 8 inches, 5 to 6 inches, and 5 to 12 inches.  Whatever sizes you need I can provide, but again please email me as soon as you place the order.  DO NOT put the message regarding sizes or other specifics in the area for messages on Paypal because for some reason we do not always get these messages.


Rods and end caps can be purchased at my Ebay store using this link:




BEADED BANNER END CAPS:  If you have your own rods but don’t have a source for the end caps, I also sell end caps by themselves in various quantities.  If you want to make sure that the caps I sell work on the rods that you have, please send a self addressed stamped envelope to me and I will send you 2 end caps free of charge.  Send your request and SASE to:

          Beaded Banners by Bonnie

          130 Townsend Park Court

          Murrysville, PA   15668


If you want to go ahead and purchase the end caps you can find them here in various quantities:




BEADED BANNER THREAD:  I have various colors of thread for making beaded banners in my Ebay store, also.  The spools are 125 yards and I can’t tell you exactly how many banners you can get out of a spool but I know I can get several out one.  You can find the thread at this link:




BEADED BANNER BLANK GRAPH PAPER:  Interested in designing your own beaded banner?  I sell blank graph paper in two sizes (regular banner size and bell pull size) and they come in regular paper or card stock paper and in various quantities.  The beaded banner grids are true to size and all you need is colored pencils, crayons, or Sharpies and color in the beads for your pattern.  The graph paper can be found here:




BEADED BANNER PONY BEADS:  I have pony beads for sale in various colors.  The pony beads I have listed in my Ebay store are the ones I actually have in stock, however I can get any color and type that you need if you don’t need them immediately.  Beads are available in opaque, transparent, and matte in many colors.  If you need a color you don’t see, just ask.  The beads that are currently for sale and ready to ship with no wait are listed here:




If you have any questions at all about any of the beaded banner supplies or you have a special request for colors of beads or thread, please feel free to email me at fyremonksgal@msn.com .


Thank you!


Bonnie Matthews

Beaded Banners by Bonnie



Beaded Banner Pattern Purchase on Ebay Update

Just an update on the beaded banner pattern situation……


Jenny from Beadshak and I have emailed and she has accepted my apology and appreciated my honesty and integrity.  Thank you, Jenny.  She noted that she had reported the seller to Ebay.


My plan was that when the patterns came I would post feedback for the seller of the patterns as positive (because the product was sent promptly and was as described and she had already left me positive feedback) but in the comments part for EVERY pattern I was going to put “Copyrighted patterns. Should NOT have been sold and I should NOT have purchased them.”.  However I did not get a chance to do that because the patterns came yesterday around lunch and I immediately went on Ebay to post the feedback and she was already no longer a registered user.  Hopefully Ebay got to her because of the Beadshak complaint and she has been banned and she didn’t just disappear on her own and will show up with another ID on Ebay.  But we will all be watching and trust me I will be much more careful with future purchases!