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Super Bowl Bound Pittsburgh Steelers

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Gallbladder Surgery Update and Stuff

Just thought I would give another update from our house status post my Monday gallbladder surgery.
I still hurt.  No, it’s not near as much as what it was, but yeah it still hurts.  I quit taking the pain pills the other day but started taking them again yesterday and am doing lots better when I take them so I guess I will keep taking them for a while.  I am still really tired.  I took a bath Thursday night and I felt like I ran a marathon.  I tried to pack up a few Ebay orders Friday and all I had to do was move around the living room from couch to printer to boxes back to couch, etc., and again, I thought I ran a marathon.  I was so sore and tired when I got done that I couldn’t believe it.  I had planned to go to bowling with Doug last night as I usually do on Friday nights but that was totally out of the question.  I only sit and not bowl but if moving around our living room wiped me out then no way was I going to go do that.  So I was a bit discouraged because I thought I would be doing a lot better than I was by now but I have to keep reminding myself that I had major surgery on Monday and that he had to do a bit more inside than expected so since it has only actually been less than 5 days since my surgery I actually probably am doing pretty good……….considering. 
I have had no nausea…………so that is a GREAT thing………because after all that was the whole goal of this surgery to get rid of all the awful nausea I had been having.  Things finally started moving inside me yesterday and now I am having the dreaded diarrhea that was expected, but fortunately it is only once about an hour after I eat and I’m not running all day long like I feared.   I ate a southern chicken sandwich from McDonalds for lunch yesterdat and have had potato chips a few times and had a meatball sub for supper last night with NO problems.  I figure I ate meatloaf with no problems at the hospital and I ate spaghetti two nights for supper with no problems, so how much different is a meatball sub except for the cheese? 
So basically I am just trying to rest, get up and walk around occasionally, and hope that soon I am up and around.  Today Doug had to go to a couple stores so I decided to ride along.  I figure if I am going to go back to work next week I have to get moving a little bit plus my legs and arms and hips and everything were aching in the night and figure I am getting stiff from not moving.  So I went………just sat in the car when he went in the one store and then of course the grits I had decided to run through me so I had to go in to Walmart and use the facilities.  All I did was walk in, use the facilities, and then sit on the bench waiting for Doug, then back to the car.  By the time we got home I was so exhausted and hurt so bad!  I couldn’t believe it!  But again, I have to remind myself that I just had major surgery on Monday and it really has been just 5 days so be patient.  I can’t drive until Tuesday and my plans are to go in half days Tuesday through Friday, but again it will depend on how I am doing.  I know I will have to feel a lot better than I do today before I can go back for any length of time.  The doctor basically said once this week is past that I just have to use how I feel as a judge for what I can or can’t do. My follow up with the surgeon is on 10/20 and I am not allowed to lift anything or vacuum or do anything strenuous until then but after Monday I can do other things as I feel comfortable.
Poor Doug is really worn out.  His system got all messed up with last weekend getting up early for Ligonier Country Market on Saturday, then we were out late at the Comedy Show on Saturday night, then got up early Monday for surgery and then he stayed late at the hospital to watch the Steelers game with me.  Then he had to go back to work Wednesday and I guess work has been pretty rough along with having to cover everything here since I can’t do anything.  So he actually skipped bowling last night……..he figured as tired as he is he probably wouldn’t bowl good anyway.  We have bascially enjoyed just hanging out at home this weekend and relaxing and watching the Penguins win today and in Sweden and hopefully again tomorrow and the Steelers win Sunday night.  Unfortunately he will have to get up both days and open the gates for the parks since I can’t take my turn this weekend, but he will hopefully just come back home and crash after he does again tomorrow like he did today.
I had plans of spending all this time off catching up on designing banners and posting things on Ebay.  I figured I wouldn’t feel good enough to sit up and work on banners because of the incisions and the pain, but I thought I would at least feel like being on the laptop 24/7 and getting caught up on all the pattern designs that have been requested that I haven’t done and get more things posted on Ebay for myself, my Mom, and my mother-in-law.  But that hasn’t happened either.  I just don’t even feel like being on the computer.  Sure am thankful for HGTV though!  I have been watching that from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. every day!  I love the transformations they do in people’s homes!  Good thing we rent here because if we owned the house Doug would be in trouble because I would have all kinds of projects set up for us to do!  LOL
Oh……..the only other thing going on is that tonight is the culmination of Pittsburgh’s 250th Birthday Celebration with a huge fireworks display, unlike any ever seen before.  I had figured I would feel good enough to go to that but alas, that didn’t happen.  There are things going on all day downtown that we would definitely have attended if I hadn’t had surgery but obviously we didn’t go.  I tried hard to figure out how we could go and watch the fireworks like finding a place we can park and not have to walk and just watch them from the car.  But like Doug says, it is going to be NUTS down there and to get a place close enough to see the display we would have to go so early and then it would be too much for me.  So………..unless we could find a cheap hotel room to rent (yeah right, in downtown Pittsburgh? LOL) that we can watch it from, I guess we will be watching it after the fact when it is on TV at 11:30 tonight.  Oh well.  I scheduled the surgery so as not to mess with games and concerts and craft shows and stuff.  I couldn’t avoid everything.
Okay, so that’s the latest…………that’s what’s going on here for now.  Just chilling and trying to keep healing because it hasn’t really been that long and I just have to have more patience!  I have to just keep trying foods and see what happens.  Had grilled cheese and no problems.  Had sweet sausage sandwich with tomatoes and cheese and only a little problem.  So things are working and I am healing and maybe soon I will be up and around again.  Well gotta run…………fireworks will be on TV pretty soon…………at least can watch them on our 42-inch HDTV!

The Beautiful City of Pittsburgh Again!

If you have read any of my previous blogs you can probably tell that I LOVE PITTSBURGH!  I love everything it has to offer and I can’t stop taking pictures everytime we are in the city!


A couple weeks ago we had the opportunity of taking my daughter Stacey and her friend Denise from Chattanooga and their friends Nate and Steph from Erie on a “tour” of the city.  Stacey and Denise were in town to secure jobs and housing before they move here later this month.  Nate was in town for 2 weeks of training and Steph came down for the weekend to visit him.


We took them to The Strip District which we love and also downtown and to the West End Overlook.  It wasn’t an exhaustive tour of the city by any means but we hit the areas that Doug and I love to visit.  As we expected, there are now four other people who love The Strip and downtown Pittsburgh and will be frequent visitors for sure!


Yep you guessed it, I took MORE pictures of The Strip, downtown Pittsburgh, PPG Place, West End Overlook, and everything else we visited.  Here they are: 



Pittsburgh Pirates, Pitt Panthers, Rib Fest, Labor Fest

Okay so the Pirates aren’t doing that good……….okay so they are doing pretty bad!  But we have tickets and like we tell everyone it is still good baseball (just the wrong team wins!) and still a beautiful ball park and still great food and still a wonderful city…… it is still fun.  It would be MORE fun if they won.  So anyway, here are pictures from some recent games we attended:


Pittsburgh Pirates vs San Diego Padres 07-25-08


Pittsburgh Pirates vs Cinncinati Reds 08-14-08


Pittsburgh Pirates vs Milwaukee Brewers 08-29-08


Pittsburgh Pirates vs Milwaukee Brewers 08-30-08



In addition to the above two Pirates games, I also attended my first Pitt football game at Heinz Field this past weekend and it was a disappointment with the way they played, but again it was still football, it was still a great stadium, the food was great (because we ate at the Rib Fest!), and it was still in a great city.  Too bad they didn’t win, but we experienced 3 losses in just over 24 hours so it’s not like we weren’t used to it!  Here are the pics:


Pitt Panthers vs Bowling Green 08-30-08



The Rib Fest was a great event to attend in between the Pitt game at Heinz Field and the Pirates game at PNC Park on Saturday.  It was hard to choose which booth to get ribs at but we chose the Texas Pit Barbecue because they won best sauce at this event last year, have won best ribs at this event in the past, won several awards at both the Erie and North East rib cook offs and since that is my hometown I thought it might be good (LOL), and it also won a cook off on the Food Network which we watch all the time.  Oh………but the big thing that got us was the Steelers flags, Terrible Towels, and apparel that was quite evident in their booth and on their workers!   Besides, ribs from TEXAS just seemed like they would be much better than ribs from NORTH CAROLINA!  LOL  So anyway it was delicious!  Here are some pics:


Then if we hadn’t done enough all weekend, we attended Labor Fest at Northmoreland Park which is an annual event for us.  It is great…… admission, food booths that benefit a lot of churches and fire departments, a great flea market, craft booths, and rides for kids (if you care to do those).  We found some great purchases and of course had to have the Saltsburg Fire Department fried dough sandwiches which are to die for!  Sorry, didn’t take any pictures at this event………aren’t you disappointed?


Well after three games, Rib Fest, Labor Fest and visits to Walmart, 380 Auction, Shop and Save, and Doug’s parents, we stayed home most of the rest of the weekend after Sunday afternoon!

Mister Rogers Neighborhood of Make-Believe

We went to Idlewild (amusement park in Ligonier, PA) on Saturday for Doug’s union picnic (IBEW Local 5). We don’t stay too long since we don’t have kids but long enough to go on the trolley through Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood of Make-Believe which we LOVE! I mean who doesn’t love Mister Rogers???  Check out the pictures and join us as we went back in time with memories of King Friday and the rest of the Neighborhood of Make-Believe.


Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood of Make-Believe

Pittsburgh bleeds black, gold and titles


Pittsburgh bleeds black, gold and titles

Updated: June 17, 2008, 7:29 PM ET

Submitted by bananafish711

I grew up in a city more devoted to its sports teams than perhaps anything else. Until I was 18 years old, I never lived anywhere else and just assumed that everywhere was like Pittsburgh. I just assumed that people, no matter who they were, loved their local sports team. Ask anyone in Pittsburgh if they love the black and gold, and I can nearly guarantee that you will hear a resounding “yes!” 



When I moved away to college, I met people from all over the United States. Every time I met someone, I would consider the sports teams in the vicinity of their hometown and ask, “So, you’re from (city), I guess you’re a (insert local team) fan, right?”



And for the first time, I heard “No, not really.”






Back home, I remembered the jubilance of an entire city after back-to-back Stanley Cups in 1991 and 1992, the entire section in the paper devoted to Mario Lemieux following his first retirement, the stories of the legendary men that were the Steelers of the 1970s, the tears following Super Bowl XXX, and the sense of nostalgia the day they tore down Three Rivers Stadium.



The whole city had this one thing in common, this complete solidarity no matter what. Two years ago, when the Steelers won Super Bowl XL, I was watching from my apartment in Boston. After the game, tears were streaming down my face. I was overwhelmed with happiness to see the team I loved so much win the big game, but there was a distinct sadness too. There was nothing I wished more than that I could be in Pittsburgh, because I knew it had to be an incredible sight.



I have heard the argument that “no town without the big four should even be considered for TitleTown,” but I challenge you to find fans more dispersed throughout the world who maintain their loyalty. It doesn’t disappear when they transplant to a different city, it doesn’t so much as shake. I’ve found fans in Boston and even so far away as the Netherlands.



To those who would still argue that fandom doesn’t make a TitleTown, I say that Pittsburgh has grown athletes like Joe Montana, Dan Marino, Joe Namath, Johnny Unitas … and Ken Griffey, Jr., who have brought admiration to their respective franchises.



It’s been the hometown of respected coaches like Marvin Lewis, Marty Schottenheimer, Terry Francona, and Dick Nolan. What’s more, that’s just a fraction of the talent to come out of Pittsburgh. Consider then, what Pittsburgh athletes have contributed to teams across the nation.



I live in Washington, D.C., now, and for the first time in a long time, I’m close enough to make the drive home every so often. Each time, I love to walk through Pittsburgh’s Strip District and watch the endless sea of black and gold caps, with a blue and gold thrown in here and there to salute the Pitt Panthers. They’re all there, remembering the five World Series, five Super Bowls, two Stanley Cups and countless number of titles from the University of Pittsburgh’s sports programs.



It’s the “City of Champions,” the “Cradle of Quarterbacks,” and it is most assuredly TitleTown USA.



Submitted by jbrew18285

The search for TitleTown USA should begin and end in Pittsburgh, the home of five Super Bowls, five World Series victories and two Stanley Cups. Not to mention the strong traditions set forth by the University of Pittsburgh. It would be impossible for another city to make an argument otherwise. 




The school that produced four pro football hall of famers and 22 college football hall of famers has long stood for excellence on the field. Our Panthers claim nine national championships with two from the Associated Press.



Football isn’t the only sport that the Pitt has given this city to be proud of. Their men’s and women’s basketball teams have been national powers recently ending their seasons in tournament action.



Pittsburgh has long been in love with its Pirates baseball team. Even though they have frustrated us for the past 15 seasons, they still have a rabid fan base. In their history the Pirates have brought nine division championships, nine National League championships and five World Series victories home to Pittsburgh.



Even though we rarely celebrate victories there, PNC Park provides the best baseball experience in Major League Baseball.



Hockey is a sport that the Steel City has fallen in love with. Since the early ’90s the Penguins have given us something to be proud of, bringing home six division titles, two conference championships and two Stanley cup victories. Currently, the Penguins have one of the most talented young lineups in all of the NHL.



An argument for the sporting supremacy of Pittsburgh has to include the Steelers, a team that is responsible for the greatest play in NFL history with the “Immaculate Reception,” a team that has a season ticket waiting list of over 30,000 names, a team that is the pride and joy of the city of Pittsburgh.



Our beloved Steelers have brought us 18 division championships, six conference championships and five Super Bowl wins. With 19 current Hall of Fame members and many more awaiting eligibility the Steelers have proven excellence throughout the years.



While many other cities may lay claim to being TitleTown USA none have been as dominant in every sport as their Pittsburgh counterparts. There isn’t any city other than Pittsburgh that even deserves consideration. The search for TitleTown USA ends where the three rivers converge.



Submitted by winglessepyon

When you fly into the Pittsburgh International Airport you see a couple of things, the Heinz logo and some brief history of the area. But as you come down the escalators you see two statues standing side by side, one of George Washington and the other of Franco Harris. 

Pittsburgh is a city of sports and champions.The Steelers of the ’70s were the team to beat, and everyone has heard of the famous “Steel Curtain.” Some of the well known players have played in Pittsburgh like Terry Bradshaw, Mario Lemieux, Lynn Sawnn, John Stallworth, Joe Greene, Franco Harris and Roberto Clemente to name a few. …



We even have one of the best golfers to ever play come from here, Arnold Palmer.



Submitted by 3Riversman

Another argument for Pittsburgh: its place in sports history as the home of the world’s first “rally towel,” the iconic Terrible Towel! 



The numerous copies and knock-offs across the country are the biggest form of flattery to the inimitable original, invented by the legendary Steelers broadcaster Myron Cope with all the proceeds going to charity, no less.



Terrible Towels are everywhere, all over the United States, all over the world. There are hundreds of Terrible Towels in Iraq right now, brought over by ‘Burgh-loving soldiers. Seas of gold Terrible Towels engulf entire football stadiums across the country, anywhere the Steelers are playing. …



Politicians swing them at rallies, fans are buried with them in the their caskets, generations come and go, but the towel endures.

Point State Park and Three Rivers Park in Pittsburgh

So apparently people DO read blogs!  I received an email yesterday from Kelly Rabenstein with Riverlife Task Force.  Apparently someone saw my blog this past weekend about Point State Park and forwarded my name to her!  From this, I have been subscribed to their newsletter and was directed to some VERY interesting sites about Point State Park and Three Rivers Park and well all kinds of really cool Pittsburgh things!  Of course I couldn’t keep this information to myself…….I have to share it with all of you!  Check out these sites:


Riverlife Task Force (Three Rivers Park, Trail Maps, etc.)


Point State Park (Construction Schedule, History, etc.)


So yeah………..check it out and see what more Pittsburgh has to offer!!!!!!!!!