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Well the bad news is the back pain I was having was NOT from my gallbladder after all.  I had been having back pain in my shoulder area for quite some time which I attributed to working on beaded banners, sitting on the couch all evening, watching TV, and concentrating on the banners and not stretching, etc.  But then when I was reading up about gallbladder problems I read in every article that most of the time there is back pain in that area from gallbladder problems.  I had never mentioned the pain to any of my doctors because I just assumed it was from my poor posture while beading.  I mentioned it to the surgeon at the appointment before my surgery and he said he was confident it WAS from my gallbladder and it would disappear.  Well it DID disappear for about 3 weeks after my surgery, but apparently only because I wasn’t working on banners!  LOL  I started working on banners last week and it appeared again.  Oh well.  That’s okay because the nausea is totally all gone and that was the extremely bothersome thing I experienced from gallbladder disease for over 2 years.  Now I just have to concentrate on my posture!


Okay so the leaves are falling everywhere and they are beautiful and the ground is covered with all these leaves, right?  And down the street from us in a yard that is not only filled with huge trees but that also borders the park we live in (we are the caretakers in a 160-acre municipal park for those of you who don’t know that), there was someone raking leaves.  Are they nuts?  Isn’t that useless this time of the year?  I mean won’t they all just blow away over the winter and the ones that don’t can be ground up using a mulching lawnmower in the spring?  Waste of time to me, but what do I know?


Anyone out there watch Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe?  We do……….and the shows seem to be getting grosser and grosser!  Last week there was one episode where he was helping out in a poop plant……….and they just kept showing poop and more poop and other “things” that people put down their toilets.  I was about gagging watching it and I couldn’t even smell what he was having to smell, although a few times I almost thought I could!  So then in another episode he was on a sheep farm learning how to shear sheep and then also how to do other things to them, such as cutting their tails off (I think that was a sign that they did the next thing to them!) and then castrating them and they ummmm………..used their teeth to do it!  Mike Rowe actually did it!  I really hope the guy gets paid REALLY good to do that show!  YIKES!


So while watching these shows lately, I am having trouble with gross things, even things like body parts and all the stuff that I used to love to watch and not bother me at all like autopsies (I have actually assisted at a few of those) and surgeries and bad accidents, etc.  Is it possible that the part that made it so those things didn’t bother me was in my gallbladder and now it’s gone and things gross me out?  I hope not!  LOL


So speaking of my gallbladder removal, I am eating just about everything again and am no longer following a low fat diet.  Not bad for only 4 weeks after my surgery, huh?  The doctor and a dietician friend said 5-6 weeks or even 3-4 months for my body to adjust.  I read horror stories online from people who had their gallbladders removed 10-15 years ago and still couldn’t eat a lot of stuff.  But nope, I am eating just about everything and occasionally things go through me within maybe an hour or two, but usually just once, not 3-4 times like the week after surgery.  Needless to say I am thrilled!


Sad Pittsburgh sports weekend.  Pittsburgh Steelers and Pittsburgh Penguins both lost and both had it within their reach.  Oh well.  Can’t win all the time. Oh………..we finally got a Direct TV HD DVR.  We have a DVR in our room with the regular TV but we record things and never watch them because all we want to do is watch our big screen HD TV anymore!  So since two of  the Penguins games this week are on late (10:00 is late when we have to get up early the next day for work) and knowing that if we record it on the other TV we won’t want to watch it because it won’t be in HD, we broke down and got the HD DVR.  There have been other shows we have wanted to record so this will be a really good thing to have. 


The Steelers posted an apology by Santonio Holmes for his behavior last week so maybe I was wrong and they AREN’T going to get rid of him after all.  Hmmmm…….


Let’s see, what else is going on?  Busy with selling on Ebay and needing to post more on Ebay and designing banners and such but I am going to put all that stuff in a separate post about Beaded Banners by Bonnie.


I guess that’s about it for now.  Catch ya later in my next blog!


One response to “Just some stuff….

  1. “The Steelers posted an apology by Santonio Holmes for his behavior last week so maybe I was wrong and they AREN’T going to get rid of him after all. Hmmmm…….”

    Good thing, huh? 🙂

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