Catch ya on the flip side…..

Well, this is it………..this might be my last blog for several days or so. I am FINALLY having my gallbladder out on Monday. After 2 years of nausea that has been getting worse and worse I am glad. Nervous……….but glad. I don’t do well with general anesthesia and it has to be used so that part is giving me some anxiety. But I just got the phone call that we have to report to the hospital at 6 a.m. on Monday. Not sure what time the cholecystectomy (medical work for yanking of the ole gallbladder) will be, but hopefully sometime that morning. I will be in the hospital overnight and then home on Tuesday.As soon as I am up to it on Monday or Tuesday I will be checking my emails on my Blackberry, so feel free to email me at .

Have a busy weekend planned, which is a good thing to keep my mind occupied and not as much time think. Tonight hubby has bowling and I go and chit chat with other wives. Tomorrow is our last day at Ligonier Country Market for the season so here’s hoping I sell a bunch of stuff. Tomorrow night we have tickets to a comedy night at our buddy’s fire department so that should be a good time. Sunday we are taking my daughter who just moved to Pittsburgh to our favorite flea markets and maybe hit Oktoberfest.

So probably not much blogging time between now and the sugery so……….catch ya on the flipside where I will be gallbladderless!!! And hopefully nausea free for the first time in 2 years!!!!



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