Newest Beaded Banner I Made

I had a request for a “masculine” banner that a guy wanted to purchase for his Dad. I had this pattern from a kit I had purchased:
Deer Pattern from Kit
(Please note: This is NOT a pattern I designed so please do not ask if it is for sale. I only sell patterns I have designed myself unless I have duplicates and I don’t have a duplicate of this pattern. The kit is available online if you look. Thanks)

So using that pattern, I changed a couple colors to make it look more hunting/camo colors and here is the completed banner:
Bonnie's Version of the Deer Banner

Hopefully he will like it but I will find out tonight when I deliver it.


One response to “Newest Beaded Banner I Made

  1. Follow up on the deer banner and the new colors….

    EVERYONE loved it! They said not only were the camo colors, the matte green beads aren’t all exactly the same, they are kind of varied, so it really gave it a look of trees in a forest in the background.

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