Eventful 24 Hours

So………..had a quite eventful 24 hours.  It started last evening when because my tooth was hurting quite bad I decided not to walk the dogs with hubby.  GOOD THING!  I was sitting in the living minding my own business when I heard this loud noise……….ummmm kind of like a gas line rupturing.  I jumped up and thought oh my goodness the house is going to explode………..and then I remembered we are all electric and have no gas lines coming to the house.  I ran to investigate and saw water spray out of the bathroom into the hall.  I ran into the bathroom and the thing that attaches the wire line to the toilet had split and water was spraying everywhere.  I turned the water off at the line and thankfully Doug had just got home and we mopped up all the water.  He then headed to Monroeville to get the parts at Lowes because all of the local hardware stores are closed by then.  So about 15 minutes later he calls me…………he hit a deer!  Thankfully Doug was okay and the car was okay and on he went.  So then he gets home and fixes the toilet and everything is fine and we go to bed.  Well I never went to sleep becasue my tooth started hurting REALLY bad……..and I was out of pain pills and was miserable.  I finally fell asleep around 2 a.m. after taking a few ibuprofen.  So then I wake up at 5 a.m. with major gallbladder issues………….very nauseous and the whole works.  I spent the next 3 hours with my head in bucket and finally felt good enough to go to work a half hour late.  So then I had my pre-op physical at 10:30 and had an EKG which was fine and bloodwork.  I voiced my general anesthesia concerns to him and he said he will red flag that so the anesthesiologist is aware of my past problems.  I then went to the dentist at 1:30 p.m. and he pulled two teeth that were too far beyond repair.  So here I sit in pain thinking about a very eventful 24 hours where the toilet blew up, hubby hit a deer, I was in pain from a bad tooth, was very sick because my gallbladder needs to come out, got my pre-op physical, and had two teeth extracted.  What a 24 hours.  LOL


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