Beaded Banner Pattern Purchase on Ebay Update

Just an update on the beaded banner pattern situation……


Jenny from Beadshak and I have emailed and she has accepted my apology and appreciated my honesty and integrity.  Thank you, Jenny.  She noted that she had reported the seller to Ebay.


My plan was that when the patterns came I would post feedback for the seller of the patterns as positive (because the product was sent promptly and was as described and she had already left me positive feedback) but in the comments part for EVERY pattern I was going to put “Copyrighted patterns. Should NOT have been sold and I should NOT have purchased them.”.  However I did not get a chance to do that because the patterns came yesterday around lunch and I immediately went on Ebay to post the feedback and she was already no longer a registered user.  Hopefully Ebay got to her because of the Beadshak complaint and she has been banned and she didn’t just disappear on her own and will show up with another ID on Ebay.  But we will all be watching and trust me I will be much more careful with future purchases!


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