The Beautiful City of Pittsburgh Again!

If you have read any of my previous blogs you can probably tell that I LOVE PITTSBURGH!  I love everything it has to offer and I can’t stop taking pictures everytime we are in the city!


A couple weeks ago we had the opportunity of taking my daughter Stacey and her friend Denise from Chattanooga and their friends Nate and Steph from Erie on a “tour” of the city.  Stacey and Denise were in town to secure jobs and housing before they move here later this month.  Nate was in town for 2 weeks of training and Steph came down for the weekend to visit him.


We took them to The Strip District which we love and also downtown and to the West End Overlook.  It wasn’t an exhaustive tour of the city by any means but we hit the areas that Doug and I love to visit.  As we expected, there are now four other people who love The Strip and downtown Pittsburgh and will be frequent visitors for sure!


Yep you guessed it, I took MORE pictures of The Strip, downtown Pittsburgh, PPG Place, West End Overlook, and everything else we visited.  Here they are: 




One response to “The Beautiful City of Pittsburgh Again!

  1. if you love the strip district you should visit south side there are many resturants and great bars there i think it is by far the best place for fun in the city of pittsburgh

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