Pittsburgh Steelers Training Camp

As we do annually, we attended one of the night practices during Steelers Training camp which was held at the football stadium in Latrobe on August 1st.


Not only is it a good way to see how the players are doing and scope out the new guys, it is often a great time to get autographs.  This year there were the added bonuses of Kevin Green and Merrill Hoge and not only did I get their autographs, I joked around with them a bit.  I told Doug it was funny that I was more excited about meeting and talking to the old Steelers!  Guess that shows my age, huh?


Here are pictures from the evening.  If you have never attended one of these practices you should plan on going next year.  It is a fun way to get the football season started!











2 responses to “Pittsburgh Steelers Training Camp

  1. Hey, I figured I would share a little tip for any fellow Steelers fans looking to go to a game at Heinz Field this year…
    If you are looking to save some money but see a game then wait till Wednesday night or the Thursday before the game. These are the days when ticket holders start to reduce ticket prices big-time on sites like StubHub, RazorGator and eSellOut… Why? Because many of the guys still holding tickets live out of the state in areas like California or Texas even and have no chance or want to attend the game BUT they would much rather take $50-$100 for their tickets instead of nothing. Think about it this way…If you tried to get tickets of a scary scalper on game day your walking around with nearly $300-$500 cash without any idea of what you might get. Being from Norwin in Pittsburgh I always use eSellOut because it is locally owned by an IUP alum. Check them out: http://www.esellout.com/ResultsGeneral.aspx?kwds=Pittsburgh+Steelers or use who you are most comfortable using BUT try this method sometime and notice how much money you will save the next time you head off to a game!

    ~Mark Guilles

  2. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the great suggestion! I checked out the site and have forwarded it to my husband. We are always looking for “cheap” tickets.

    Thanks for reading my blog and thanks for giving the great advice.

    GO STEELERS!!!!!!


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