Pittsburgh Pirates, Pitt Panthers, Rib Fest, Labor Fest

Okay so the Pirates aren’t doing that good……….okay so they are doing pretty bad!  But we have tickets and like we tell everyone it is still good baseball (just the wrong team wins!) and still a beautiful ball park and still great food and still a wonderful city……..so it is still fun.  It would be MORE fun if they won.  So anyway, here are pictures from some recent games we attended:


Pittsburgh Pirates vs San Diego Padres 07-25-08



Pittsburgh Pirates vs Cinncinati Reds 08-14-08



Pittsburgh Pirates vs Milwaukee Brewers 08-29-08



Pittsburgh Pirates vs Milwaukee Brewers 08-30-08





In addition to the above two Pirates games, I also attended my first Pitt football game at Heinz Field this past weekend and it was a disappointment with the way they played, but again it was still football, it was still a great stadium, the food was great (because we ate at the Rib Fest!), and it was still in a great city.  Too bad they didn’t win, but we experienced 3 losses in just over 24 hours so it’s not like we weren’t used to it!  Here are the pics:


Pitt Panthers vs Bowling Green 08-30-08




The Rib Fest was a great event to attend in between the Pitt game at Heinz Field and the Pirates game at PNC Park on Saturday.  It was hard to choose which booth to get ribs at but we chose the Texas Pit Barbecue because they won best sauce at this event last year, have won best ribs at this event in the past, won several awards at both the Erie and North East rib cook offs and since that is my hometown I thought it might be good (LOL), and it also won a cook off on the Food Network which we watch all the time.  Oh………but the big thing that got us was the Steelers flags, Terrible Towels, and apparel that was quite evident in their booth and on their workers!   Besides, ribs from TEXAS just seemed like they would be much better than ribs from NORTH CAROLINA!  LOL  So anyway it was delicious!  Here are some pics:




Then if we hadn’t done enough all weekend, we attended Labor Fest at Northmoreland Park which is an annual event for us.  It is great……..no admission, food booths that benefit a lot of churches and fire departments, a great flea market, craft booths, and rides for kids (if you care to do those).  We found some great purchases and of course had to have the Saltsburg Fire Department fried dough sandwiches which are to die for!  Sorry, didn’t take any pictures at this event………aren’t you disappointed?


Well after three games, Rib Fest, Labor Fest and visits to Walmart, 380 Auction, Shop and Save, and Doug’s parents, we stayed home most of the rest of the weekend after Sunday afternoon!


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