Concerts – REO Speedwagon, Brad Paisley, Styx

We have been to some concerts lately.  In fact we went to three concerts in eight days…..right during the time my daughter was coming to town to find a job and a place to live!  We had the tickets for the concerts before she made her exact plans to come here, so she understood.  It was a crazy week for sure!


On Thursday, August 14th we went to PNC Park in Pittsburgh for the Pirates game followed by Skyblast (fireworks) and REO Speedwagon.  Boy can those old guys still sing!  LOL  Here is the link to the concert and firework pictures: 


Then on Sunday, August 17th we went to Post-Gazette Pavilion in Burgettstown, PA for the Brad Paisley concert.  Opening for Brad was Julianne Hough, Chuck Wick, and Jewell.  Except for the rude people who sat on the lawn by us and kept encrouching on our blanket even though we were there WAY before they were, it was a great time.  Here are links to the pics: 


Finally, on Friday, August 22nd we went to Console Energy Park in Washington, PA for the Styx concert.  This is the third time Doug and I have seen them together and they are so awesome.  Opening for Styx was Chris Higbee Project and Outlaws.  Check out the pics:






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