Pittsburgh Pirates vs New York Yankees

We went to the Pirates game against the Yankees last night at PNC Park in Pittsburgh……….it was incredible!  It is the first time the Yankees have been in town since 1960 and if you remember that is when the Pirates beat them in the last game of the World Series when Bill Mazeroski hit a home run in the last inning!  That play has been a huge play in baseball history (not just in Pittsburgh) and the people of Pittsburgh voted it the best overall sports moment in Pittsburgh sports history this past year (even above Steelers Super Bowl wins and Penguins Stanley Cup wins!).  Bill was there to throw out the first pitch and the crowd roared and they applauded with a standing ovation the WHOLE time he was out there!   What a great tribute to the man! 


This 3-game series (we are also going Thursday night) has been publicized to the max and all the games are a sell out with them selling standing room only tickets…………and that NEVER happens to the Pirates anymore, especially the last couple years.  There were over 38,000 people there and they said it was the 3rd highest attendance since PNC Park opened!  There were special things going on everywhere and there were people everywhere! 


The NY Yankees have the HIGHEST salary of all teams in major league baseball while Pittsburgh has the LOWEST. 


Oh……the score of last night’s game? 


Pirates 12, Yankees 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Check out my pictures:




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