Stanley Cup Playoff Superstitions in Our House

Admit it.  You all have superstitions that you have to do for important games of your favorite team!  Now that the Stanley Cup Playoffs are over, here are ours revealed!


First is the playoff beard and hair.  Can’t shave during the playoffs!  (Doug only, of course!)


This is Wednesday night during the last game after not cutting hair for over two months and only a couple slight trims on the beard.


Doug had the laptop on during games with two different websites up…… showing shots on goal and the other with every stat imaginable about the game.

The TV was on the game………..HD of course!

Yinzburgh vs Motown shirt on the wall

Closer view

Shrine under TV included Iceburgh and Mario Lemieux bobbleheads, stuff Pittsburgh Penguins Zamboni, Pens vs Flyers rally towel, and a little help from Myron Cope and his Terrible Towel.  Before the game Bonnie would ask Mario if the Pens were going to win or not and tap his head to see if he said yes (he always did!).


Sacrifice in any Language shirt on the wall






Both of us had to be in our special seats with our special shirts on and Doug also had his specal cap on.



We both had to have our rally towels that we got at Round 1 Game 1 that we attended.  Mine had the BBQ sauce on it from the wings I ate while watching one of the games at the Hall of Fame Club at PNC Park!




The Iron City light had to on………..





The Steelers helmet neon light had to be on and Bonnie’s Pittsburgh Penguin Build-a-Bear monkey had to be watching the game.


 And then when it was all over, Doug shaved!

And then we get ready for next season!


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