Hillary Clinton and the Pittsburgh Penguins

Interesting blog I read today:

Hillary Clinton and the Pittsburgh Penguins

Not being able to decide whether to write about Hillary Clinton or the Stanley Cup finals, I decided to do both:

There are some similarities between the Stanley Cup finalists Pittsburgh Penguins and Hillary Clinton. Both thought they had destiny on their side. Both found out that the label Destiny assigned them wasn’t “Winner” (oh sure – “Winner in Life” – like that really matters to them right now).

A vocal part of the crowd at the Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh reacted during the Stanley Cup presentation to the Detroit Red Wings much the same way that die hard Hillary supporters did upon hearing the inevitable news that Obama was the nominee- they booed (putting it nicely).

A picture of Hillary sitting on the floor, in stunned disbelief, will never see the light of day, if it exists. However many of the Penguins were all over the ice getting their photo snapped. As the camera zoomed in on Marian Hossa and various Penguins as reality was setting in (including Evgeni Malkin at center ice), I yelled at them through the television (like they could hear me) “Get up! It’s not your turn anymore!”

And finally – there’s always next time. What? You thought I’d say “It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game”? Yeah right. That’ll make it all better. “There are no losers here…” is being replaced by “close only counts in horseshoes”.

“Congratulations” to the victors, and “Better luck next time” to the also-rans.




2 responses to “Hillary Clinton and the Pittsburgh Penguins

  1. Thanks for the re-blogging!

    I’m sure the Penguins will do well next year – but hopefully the Buffalo Sabres will do better 🙂

  2. Thanks for the comment! Your post came up in a Google alert and I loved it! Last year I was rooting for the Sabres after the Penguins were out because my daughter-in-law and her family are diehard Sabres fans! My son, although he lives in Buffalo, is the biggest Penguins fan you can find! It makes for interesting conversations! LOL

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