Pittsburgh Penguins………..My Thoughts………

After watching every game this season (a few games maybe not the WHOLE game, but the majority of most games………in other words, hubby and I aren’t the bandwagon fans when they entered the playoffs!) and every single minute of all the games the Penguins played in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, I want to comment on the awesome Pittsburgh Penguins.The Pittsburgh Penguins didn’t win the Stanley Cup last night. The Detroit Red Wings won it………..and I congratulate the Red Wings (even though their coach never congratulated the Penguins on a good job like most coaches would!). The Red Wings won it fair and square, but the Penguins gave them a run for the money and didn’t go down without a fight!

I am sure you heard about the Monday night game and how the Penguins tied it up with 35 seconds left in the game. Then the game went into three overtime periods and the Penguins won it on a called shot by the new Babe Ruth, Petr Sykora. Sykora told the NBC announcer that he was going to hit the winning goal and he did (just like Babe Ruth called a shot in a World Series)!

Last night with ONE SECOND left they almost tied it up again……….I am talking if the puck was any closer to the line on that last shot, they would have scored. But they didn’t and it wasn’t meant to be.

The Pittsburgh Penguins are the best of all the rest and they should be proud! After the first two games of the finals I wasn’t too sure they deserved to win the Stanley Cup. But they came back and showed the world that they DID deserve it and they fought to the end. Game 5 showed that they truly did deserve to be in that spot and they made sure they let the Red Wings and their fans know that they weren’t going to let them have the Cup that easy. Game 6 was rough, but they persevered despite injuries and probably bodies that hurt and were worn out from head to toe.

I am proud to say I am a Pittsburgh Penguins fan………….win or lose, they have heart. My heart hurt for those guys after the game last night. You could tell they put everything they had into that game and wanted to win it, not only for themselves but for the fans. They hurt……….I hurt………….we all hurt………..but we can be proud of those great guys.

I don’t know what else to say except THANK YOU PITTSBURGH PENGUINS! You did Pittsburgh proud and you gave it your all…………..and we know that and we love you all for it. See you next year………….


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