Penguins Fans from a Detroit Perspective

While watching (on TV) the Pittsburgh Penguins fans stand and cheer and not leave Mellon Arena while the Detroit Red Wings were awarded the Stanley Cup last night I was thinking, wow, we ARE a unique bunch.  Not only are we passionate about our team, but we stay and respect the team that beat ours receive the award we wanted our team to have.  Then I thought, hmmmmm……….guess I am just partial.  But then I read this article and realized that Pittsburgh Penguins fans (and all Pittsburgh fans of ANY Pittsburgh sports) are truly special.

PITTSBURGH — Channel 11 received an email Thursday morning from a Detroit Red Wings fan. Many would expect their fans to gloat after their team won the Stanley Cup, but not this guy. Read what he had to say about the city of Pittsburgh and the proud Penguins fans.

Dear Pittsburgh WPXI NBC 11,

My name is Tony. I am a resident of Detroit and am a Red Wings fan. I would like Station 11 to pass along a message to all the Pittsburgh Penguin fans in the stadium on Wednesday night. Congratulations on a well played hockey season. Thank-You for the respect you showed our Red Wings, applauding, standing, cheering and sticking around for the trophy ceremony. All of you have a lot of class. I don’t know which moved me more, winning the cup or watching all of you in the background on T.V. I’m leaning towards “all of you in the background”. It’s times like this that makes me proud to be an American. We can belong to different States, different cities, root for different teams but still at the end, come together as Americans, hockey fans, good sportsmen and sportswomen. I for one hope that one day I (and hopefully all of Detroit) can return the respect to Pittsburgh that Pittsburgh has shown Detroit. See you next season, Good Luck and again, Thank-You!




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