Pittsburgh Penguins, Pittsburgh Zoo, Erie PA, Ligonier, Beaded Banners, and Stuff

Well……….it’s been a while I guess so I am going to catch up on blogging about my life.

How about those Pittsburgh Penguins?  What an awesome team!  Not only did they win game five to advance to the Stanley Cup Finals, but they did it with a HUGE win over the Philadelphia Flyers beating them SIX to NOTHING!  Congrats to the Pittsburgh Penguins and good luck in the finals!  We will be there, as always, watching EVERY GAME!

Took an emergency trip last week to Lawrence Park/Erie, Pennsylvania.  Got a call early Monday morning that my Mom was taken to the hospital by ambulance.  Long story short she came home later that morning but was weak and tired and needed some help for a couple days so hubby headed back home here to Murrysville/Pittsburgh and I stayed up there to help Mom until Wednesday.  My good friend was willing to drive me to Grove City on Wednesday evening to meet Doug halfway so he didn’t have to drive all the way up to get me so that was a huge help.  THANKS WILMA!  I checked into taking a Greyhound bus and although it was cheap (only $25 from Erie to Pittsburgh………can’t drive it for that these days!) and even though it was only a 3 hour trip (only a half hour more than when we drive it), I couldn’t make the last bus of the day and since I had already missed 3 unexpected days of work I really needed to get home that night.  Mom is thankfully doing better with some symptoms still, but overall much better.

Our first week at the Country Market in Ligonier is fast approaching.  Too fast………it snuck up on me and I am not ready!  So I am frantically trying to design some smaller beaded banners to make up some beaded banner kits to sell in hopes that people will be looking for some summer activity ideas for their kids.  I also think the mini banner kits will be good for people that want to try making beaded banners but want to start with something smaller than a full size banner.  Hope to get them posted online soon, too!  So many ideas, so little time!

I suppose I should make up some more Pittsburgh Penguin keychains for the sale, huh?  I have a few made up but unless the Pens take the Detroit Red Wings in a four game sweep, people may want to show their Pittsburgh Penguins pride.  And of course if they DO sweep the Red Wings, they will want the keychains anyway!  Yeah, I better get hustling!

We went to the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium this past Saturday.  Neither Doug nor I had been there in years and we hadn’t seen the new polar bear exhibit yet and since we had just purchased a brand new camera the night before and the weather was cool, this was a great time to go.  We had a blast and love the new camera!  Check out the pictures: 



And while you are at it, we went to The Strip, downtown Pittsburgh, and Southside a couple weeks ago and I took some pretty awesome (if I may say so myself!) pictures of this great city of Pittsburgh:


So it looks like we will be watching the Pirates game from the Hall of Fame Club restaurant at PNC Park again this Saturday.  This is the fifth game this year we have Pirates tickets for and the third one that conflicts with a Penguins playoff game!  GO FIGURE!  Anyway, we will just do what we did the last two times and get a great table right in front of two huge tv screens and watch both games and never see our seats at PNC Park!  Hey, if you haven’t checked out the Hall of Fame Club restaurant at PNC Park (formerly Outback), check it out.  Unlike Outback where you had to have a special ticket, you only have to have ANY game ticket to get in.  Great food, lots of huge tv screens, and great service!  And after the game a band plays a lot of nights.  Oh and you have to try out the frozen chocolate covered cheesecake on a stick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay so that’s about it for now………..busy, busy, busy and wishing the weather would get better!  COLD AND RAINY is for the birds………….or the polar bears……….or something………but not for me!


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