The Great City of Pittsburgh!

I’ve only lived in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area for just over 4 years now but I love it more and more all the time! 

Check out my pictures of the area using the following links (click on the pictures to make them larger):

The Strip District, Downtown Pittsburgh, and Southside 05-10-08:

Pittsburgh at Night 05-09-08:

Elliotts’ Off Broadway Restaurant and Deli 05-09-08:

Vietman Veterans Monument – North Shore 04-26-08:

Scenes from the North Shore from Heinz Field to PNC Park:



One response to “The Great City of Pittsburgh!

  1. Doug and Bonnie, thanks for the great pictures. I’m going through a massive mid-life crisis and want nothing more than to pick up and move to Pittsburgh. I’d love to walk to PNC Park every night to catch the game. I don’t want to take up too much of your time, but I have a few questions about the area. If your up for answering a few, drop me a line at my email. Thanks for your time and thanks again for the great pics.

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