Beaded Banner Rods and End Caps

Hello Again!

A new item that I have started selling is beaded banner rods and end caps.  This seems to be a pretty popular item because it is so hard to get.

My beaded banner rod and end caps come in sets of 10 at this time.  You will get a rod with caps on each end that are removable for insertion into your beaded banner but they don’t fall off on their own.

The rods are approximately 13 inches long, but I will cut them smaller if you prefer.  The rods are easily cut to the length you need with bolt cutters, so you may prefer to purchase them at the 13 inch length and cut them yourself like most of my customers are doing.

Most orders are shipped out the next day after I receive your order except of course there is no shipping on Sunday.

To order, you can email me at or check them out on my website or check out my Ebay store at .  

Check out my feedback to see how many very satisfied customers have purchased the very hard to find beaded banner rods and end caps!

Thank you for looking and email me anytime at .

Bonnie Matthews

Beaded Banners by Bonnie – Home of beaded banner patterns, beaded banners, beaded banner rods and end caps, beaded banner beads


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